Fast-tracked Strategy Build-up in Biopharma


A global biopharmaceutical company had recently onboarded majority of its executive management team, including the CEO. Due to limited progress in strategy development efforts, an accelerated and structured strategy process was required in order to present a new strategy for the Board of Directors within four weeks. In parallel, a clear and compelling strategy and equity story was required as part of an ongoing IPO-process.


  • Strategic Direction
    • Accelerated onboarding and alignment of strategic direction and priorities across new executive management team
    • Aspiration, strategic intent and financial targets not clear and articulated
  • Focus & Alignment
    • Extensive and unfocused portfolio of long-tail initiatives
    • Strategic initiatives not aligned with strategic objectives and financial targets
  • Strategy Execution
    • Approach for prioritizing and executing strategic initiatives inconsistent across the organization
    • Critical resource constraints related to specific and scarce capabilities


An accelerated strategy process comprised by a series of fast-paced workshops over a four week period.


  • Clear strategy based on four strategic pillars providing strategic direction and optimal allocation of funding and resources
  • Strategic focus areas distilled to further accelerate and steer near-term strategy execution
  • Aligned and prioritized portfolio of key strategic initiatives to realize the ambitious growth targets
  • Strategy execution setup defined to effectively drive the execution of strategic initiatives
  • Concise and compelling strategy and equity story supporting the ongoing IPO-proces