Strategy Update for a Business Unit in Biotech


A world leader in biological solutions had recently developed a new corporate strategy. Consequently, the general manager of a business unit recognized the need for a strategy update to provide clear strategic guidance and direction for the business unit in realizing aggressive growth ambitions. USTRAT was asked to help develop the strategy and platform for accelerated growth.


  • Strategic Direction
    • Despite a well-defined purpose, a clear ambition and strategic intent was required to identify and define the key strategic building blocks and subsequent strategy roadmap
  • Alignment & Focus
    • Extensive and unfocused portfolio of projects constraining critical and scarce resources
    • Strategic initiatives not aligned with strategic objectives and financial targets
  • Governance
    • Governance model and modus operandi not tailored the fast-growing organization
    • Approach for prioritizing, selecting and executing on strategic initiatives inconsistent across the organization


A structured strategy update process focused on four key themes::


  • Clear strategic direction and guidance for the organization
  • Strategic building blocks providing clarity on key capabilities required to realize the ambition
  • Clear and actionable strategic roadmap with key milestones and aligned portfolio of key strategic initiatives
  • Operational metrics, KPIs and targets per critical building block guiding clear execution
  • Bespoke governance setup and modus operandi enabling frictionless execution across the organization