Strategy Development for a Global Function


Our client operates globally with sales entities, dealers  as well as manufacturing facilities in various countries. The company had recently announced strong revenue growth and improved EBITDA. There was a strong growth momentum across geographic regions, but the strategy and organizational setup were not geared to supporting future growth.


  • Strategic direction
    • Recent changes in key leadership roles required a new common understanding of strategic direction and priorities
    • An increased strategic focus on Sustainable Growth had to be reflected in priorities
  • Organizational setup
    • Future organizational setup and required capabilities unclear to best support growth journey
    • Further regionalization seen as a key to succeed in the various markets
  • Roadmap
    • Current roadmap and initiatives not reflecting priorities
    • Major actions required to mitigate supply chain challenges such as material and freight costs
    • Dependencies between projects and timing of deliverables not clear


A key component of the strategy process was to align expectations prior to preparing and facilitating strategy workshops with the leadership team. During each leadership workshop we were clarifying key elements of the future supply chain setup to best meet requirements internally and externally.


  1. New ambition and direction defined
  2. Future capabilities needed to best meet requirements internally and externally identified
  3. Framework for execution including Roadmap with key milestones as well as projects prioritized
  4. Agreeing relevant performance indicators